Healthy Generations Through Sport Project

The most important social responsibility project that has been performed by the Sports INC. from the day it was founded until today is the “Free Sports Projects” that was initiated in August 2008, and renamed as “Towards Healthier Generations Through Sports”. It is maintained in 40 sports complexes, in 9 areas (Basketball, Swimming, Fitness, Football, Pilates, Martial Arts, Step Aerobics, Tennis, Volleyball) throughout weekdays and weekends between 08:00AM-6:00PM.

The project aimed at promoting the habit of mindful training for healthier lives especially among those who are outside of the active work force such as housewives, retired people and students. Another goal of the project is to preserve the physical and mental health of the people of Istanbul, and make training part of like by creating the culture and awareness for sports in the society.

* The membership fee for Towards Healthier Generations Through Sports project is 15 TRY.