Since its invention in the United States in 1991, Spinning has been growing in popularity throughout the world. The sport owes its name to Johnny G. Spinner who participated in the Race Across America (RAAM) two times. Spinner has designed and produced a range of bicycles in cooperation with Schwinn Bicycle Company in the US. Spinning is popular because it is an indoor bicycle sport. Spinners ride a specially-designed stationary bicycle on which they can perform several aerobic exercises. Although a stationary bicycle resembles a bicycle, it can be adapted for the special needs of individual Spinners thanks to its special design, saddle and handlebars. The bicycles, which weigh 18 kg each and are equipped with heat-resistant brake pads made from felt, feature "aero bars" which resemble triathlon handlebars. Thanks to the metal disk being directly connected to the pedals via a bicycle chain, riders can ride without any difficulty. A lifesaver for "outdoor" cyclists who cannot do without riding their bicycles and train their bodies during winter months, Spinning is usually done indoors since stationary bicycles are too heavy to move around easily.


  • First and foremost, the staff employed at the sports facilities take into account the needs of the athletes.
  • The sports facilities where you can practice Spinning are easily accessible.
  • The spinning halls in our facilities are always open to innovation.
  • The instructors who teach Spinning at the facilities are specifically picked to serve as examples to new athletes with their sportsmanship qualities.
  • Spinning instructors approach their students not as clients but as athletes. Each instructor prioritizes the training he or she provides.
  • In addition to their present role as teachers of Spinning, the instructors supplement their practical training with theoretical studies at academic institutions.

Facilities You Can Use

Yeşilvadi Sports Facility