Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun is a Chinese martial art which combines attack and defense. It is also the only martial art that was developed by a woman for women.

After the invasion of China by Qing forces which lasted from 1662 to 1722, the fighting master Ng Mui fled from the enemy soldiers and began to live in a town where she met a girl named Yim Wing Tsun (Yim Wing-Chun) whom a bandit was trying to force into marriage. So, Ng Mui decided to teach her friend Wing-Chun how to defend herself with a martial art system called Wing Tsun which was invented to help the weak defend against the strong. Spending three years under the tutorship of Ng Mui, Wing Tsun began to overpower men who were much stronger than herself by applying a fighting style characterized by very delicate and aesthetic movements. Since this story has many different versions, we can say that our knowledge about Wing Tsun remains fragmentary at best.

Wing Tsun took its final shape as WT by the combination of techniques created by Wong Wah and Leung Yee Tei. One of the forms of Wing Tsun is the "Six and a Half Point Pole" and this famous technique has survived into the modern times after being handed over from one generation to the next through the centuries.

Wing Tsun improves practitioners' reflexes and regulates their breathing. Among its most important features is the fact that it helps the practitioner to feel good on a continual basis by making him or her strong and regulating his or her energy levels. It also helps with weight maintenance by improving flexibility.


  • First and foremost, the staff employed at the sports facilities take into account the needs of the athletes.
  • The sports facilities where you can practice Wing Tsun are easily accessible.
  • The gymnastics halls in our facilities are always open to innovation.
  • The instructors who teach Wing Tsun at the facilities are specifically picked to serve as examples to new athletes with their sportsmanship qualities.
  • Wing Tsun instructors approach their students not as clients but as athletes. Each instructor prioritizes the training he or she provides.
  • In addition to their present role as teachers of Wing Tsun, the instructors supplement their practical training with theoretical studies at academic institutions.

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