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EASM 2013 Istanbul was organized by Marmara University, the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) and SPOR AS at Lutfi Kirdar Congress and Exhibition Centre between the dates of 11 and 15 September, 2013.

EASM was established in 1993 as an independent foundation of people who involved or interested in sport management. The EASM membership is consist of academics, professionals, volunteers and commercial actors.  

Some of the main objectives of the EASM are to promote and encourage scientific research and studies, to develop exchange of information and dissemination of best practice, to work with member organisation in order to support sport management associations, to co-operate with other international bodies in order to share goals, to establish educational exchanges of sports management techniques and to publish journals and newsletter.

Every academician who is joining the research and education practices participated in this congress. Besides, there are two main objectives of this congress. To bringing together expert academicians in the field of sport management, and identify to current and future academic subjects and strategies; to provide a good education opportunity to young sports managers and academicians with the pre-congress International Master and Doctorate Seminars.

This congress that is well-suit with the purpose of our organization is located with organizing scientific, technical, and educational, sports, touristic and cultural competitions, exhibitions, tours, camps, conferences, seminars, courses at national and international levels and engaging in research and training activities, and almost 750 local and foreigner sport managers participated in there

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