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The Special Award Night for Istanbul’s National Pride

Istanbul Sport Awards was held by The Directorate of Sport and Youth and SPOR AS. Sportspeople, who are license in Istanbul club, and ranked international events in 2012, team representatives, and former champions participate to the award. Mayor of Istanbul Kadir TOPBAS; General Manager of Sport Mehmet BAYKAN; AK Party Istanbul Parliament Member Harun KARACA and Feyzullah KIYIKLIK; General Manager of SPOR AS Alpaslan Baki ERTEKIN; Vice General Managers of

Spor AS Selim TERZI and Mehmet Serhat KARADAG; IMM Directorate of Sport and Youth Osman AVCI; President of BJK Fikret ORMAN; President of Uskudar Sport Club Mecit CETINKAYA; General President of Amateur Sport Clubs Federations Ali DUSMEZ, President of Federations Mehmet TERZI, Esat DELIHASAN, Mehit SAHIN; entrepreneur Aziz TORUN; FIFA-licensed referee Cuneyt CAKIR; and lots of sport people and their families participated to this event.

Mayor of Istanbul Kadir TOPBAS spoke at the award ceremony, which was presented by Burcu Esmersoy. Topbas said, “Sport and art the most effective communication power among people on earth”. Mr Topbas also emphasized “Sport and sportspeople are not given enough importance in a society where 40% of population 18 years old. There is need new infrastructure and service concept for the solution of this.” Mayor of TOPBAS told, “I was extremely excited when listened to the Olympic Games from the radio in childhood. I have been still remembering how we were proud of successful athletes. I would like to thank athletes and their families. I know that we have athletes, who are living difficult conditions, represent us proudly in the Olympic Games. I believe that they felt 75 million gaze and excitement on their behind. We decided to organise such an award night for the purpose of athletes were not forgotten after the events, and we would like to traditional award to this event in Istanbul. We would like to share the excitement in 2012 European Capital of Sport Istanbul, which are making a great effort for 2020 Olympic Games, with this award.

Aslı Cakir ALPTEKIN, Servet TAZEGUL, Bahri TANRIKULU, Emel DERELI, Esref APAK, Fatma SARIDOGAN, Uskudar Sports Club, Besiktas Basketball Team, and Galatasaray Wheelchair Basketball Team were given a reward. Former sportspeople such as Mustafa DAGISTANLI, Hamza YERLIKAYA, Kenan SIMSEK, Azize TANRIKULU were presented with a plaque. Former spectators were clapped enthusiastically by spectators, when they took on the stage.

Mayor Topbas gave a remarkable plaque to Cuneyt CAKIR, who is UEFA Elite Category referee, after he gave awards to athletes. Cuneyt CAKIR say that it is extremely gratifying to athlete’s efforts are rewarding and appreciating in this way. These awards are also an extra motivation for us. Our goals as Turkish Referee are permanent in major events and represent our country in the best way.

Mayor Kadir Topbas posed for the cameras with 72 sportspeople including Olympic Games Champions Aslı Cakir ALPTEKIN and Servet TAZEGUL, and other former champions.

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