Sports Facility General Rules

Sports Facility General Rules

  1. The rules are set for the convenience of our members in accordance with international practices and general rules of hygiene.
  2. Although doing sports is an integral part of healthy living, it may not be for every body. Therefore, you have to get a clearance from your physician before embarking on any exercise program. SPOR A.Ş. cannot be held liable for any health-related problems which may arise as a result of engaging in sports.
  3. Individuals who suffer from cardiac or liver problems, epilepsy, circulatory system disorder, multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic asthma and bronchitis are not advised to engage in exercise programs and are therefore not eligible for membership.

General Rules

  1. SPOR A.Ş. offers services at separate hours and on different days for men and women, including the free sessions. Children under 13 are not accepted into the adult membership program.
  2. Our reservation staff have shall have the right, if required, to ask members to present their ID cards. If a member fails to present his or her ID card, he or she may not use the facilities.
  3. Our cleaning staff begin cleaning the facilities 15 minutes before the end of the package programme sessions.
  4. Our members must leave all the facility units as of the session end times.
  5. SPOR A.Ş. management, if it considers it necessary to conduct renovations inside the facilities, shall communicate the closure period of the relevant facility or facilities by posting a notice on the bulletin board located at the entrance of the center. The customer’s membership period shall be extended by the period during which the relevant facility or facilities remained closed to members.
  6. SPOR A.Ş. reserves the right to make amendments to times, sessions, rules and rates for the sports services it provides.
  7. Members must follow the dress code requirements prescribed for each branch of sport in order to be admitted to the facilities.
  8. Members cannot bring any pets, foodstuffs, beverages, sports or recreation-related equipment to the facilities.
  9. Private lessons are not included in the membership rate and must be purchased separately. Members have to make reservations for private lessons and fees must be paid in advance. SPOR A.Ş. shall determine the schedule for private lessons and have the right to discontinue them if it deems it necessary to do so.
  10. Members are advised not to bring any valuables with them; however, they can use the the safety boxes available at the reservation desk if they chose to do so. SPOR A.Ş. cannot be held liable for the safety of the personal effects which are not handed in at the reservation desk.
  11. Members are banned from consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes and other substances in the facilities. For the reasons of health, members are also advised not to consume alcohol before they engage in any kind of exercise.
  12. Members must comply with the rules set by the SPOR A.Ş. to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the facilities (wearing overshoes, etc).
  13. Relatives, friends, spectators, attendants etc. of members will not be permitted to use the facilities without individual membership.
  14. If a member or a person accompanying them engages in an activity which causes any physical damage to the facility, a report is made and the person responsible is made to pay for the repair/replacement of damaged property.
  15. SPOR A.Ş. management cannot be held liable for any bodily harm or material damage which may be suffered by a member.
  16. Members may send their suggestions or complaints about SPOR A.Ş. by sending emails, contacting the call center or dropping their ideas into the suggestion box.
  17. SPOR A.Ş., if it considers it necessary in accordance with the prevailing conditions, shall have the right to make alterations, deletions or additions to the membership rules.
  18. All membership periods are calculated in months (30 days).
  19. Members who do not present their membership cards cannot participate in the sessions.
  20. Members are obliged to bring with them the equipment (shorts, bathing suit, swim trunk, training shoes, athletic socks, bathing cap, goggles, towel, slippers etc.) required for the sports activity they engage in.
  21. Members are obliged to ask for the equipment and materials required for specific sport activities from the facility staff.
  22. Members cannot change the places of sports equipment or materials without getting permission from the instructors and they are obliged to to put them back into their original places at the end of each session.
  23. Members are obliged to comply with the instructions of the facility staff. Members who fail to comply with these instructions and rules shall be asked to leave the facility. Memberships of those who refuse to do so shall be cancelled.
  24. Members are obliged to compensate for any damage they cause to the equipment they have been using both inside and around the facility.
  25. Members who have health problems are advised to go and visit their doctors. Members who suffer from health conditions which may cause them problems during sports sessions are obliged to inform the instructors in charge about their situation before they begin.

Membership Age Limits

  1. Children younger than 13 are not accepted into the adult membership program.
  2. Children younger than 15 are not allowed to use fitness halls, saunas or Turkish baths.
  3. Children between the ages of 4 and 13 are allowed to enroll for swimming lessons. The content of these courses may vary from facility to facility.

Reservations: Members must call at the reservation desk to register for private lessons. Members must inform the reservation desk of registration cancellations at least 24 hours prior to the session. If the member fails to attend the private lesson without giving 24 hours notice, the lesson is considered as taught and the number of lessons contained in the member's prepaid private lesson schedule is ammended accordingly. If the member fails to show up at the relevant sports facility within 20 minutes of the start of the reserved time, the lesson is considered as missed and as such, completed.

Swimming Pool Rules

  1. Individuals who have healing wounds, wear bandages, cuts and/or suffer from skin conditions are not allowed to use the swimming pools.
  2. Members are obliged to take showers before using the swimming pools (after using the saunas) and bathe their feet in the disinfectant water in the feet-washing pools located at the entrance to the pool for hygiene reasons.
  3. Before entering the swimming pool, it is advised that you remove any gum you are chewing for health reasons.
  4. Members must remove all jewelry before entering the swimming pool.
  5. Members should only bring swimming related equipment with them into the swimming pool area. Members must not enter the swimming pool area barefoot, wearing their daily casuals, shoes or carrying handbags etc.
  6. Members must wear trunks, shorts etc. Members cannot enter the swimming pool wearing clothes other than those which have been manufactured specifically for that purpose.
  7. Members cannot enter the swimming pool with recreational equipment (beach balls, beach mattresses, life rings, armbands, fins, masks, snorkels, etc.) Members can use masks and fins only during specific underwater projects which have been cleared by the swimming pool management.
  8. Members are obliged to wear bathing caps when entering the swimming pool. Goggles can be used as preferred.
  9. Members cannot enter the spectators area while wearing a bathing suit or trunks. Spectators cannot go near the swimming pool.
  10. Members cannot go near the swimming pool wearing outdoor shoes.
  11. Individuals who cannot swim are not allowed to use the swimming pool without prior approval of the instructors.
  12. Individual members and member groups must use the sessions and lanes set aside for themselves. Only members who can swim and who engage in regular training are allowed to use the training lanes. When a single lane is used, members must always use the right side of the lane.
  13. Members must avoid engaging in behavior which may disturb others or lead to dangerous situations (carrying glass products, jumping into the swimming pool for fun, splashing water, making noise etc.).
  14. Parents shall be held liable for any damage caused by their children. Pool staff have the right to take the children out of the swimming pool in situations where warranted.
  15. Participation in Swimming Training Courses for Adults;
    1. Only members can participate in these courses. Members' guests or those individuals who do not use the swimming pool on a regular basis cannot participate in these courses.
    2. Children younger than 13 are not accepted into the adult swimming training courses.
    3. The creation of training schedules is the prerogative of SPOR A.Ş. management which reserves the right to alter or cancel training times.
  16. Members cannot go near the swimming pool wearing outdoor shoes.
  17. Do not climb over or lay on the lane lines. The middle lanes are for faster swimmers. Members are not allowed to stand in the middle of these lanes.
  18. Do not swim to the bottom of the swimming pool unless you are participating in special exercises which have been cleared by the swimming pool management.

Fitness Hall Rules

  1. Members must make sure that their shoes and clothes are clean when they exercise in the fitness hall. Members cannot enter the fitness hall wearing slippers, undershirts or training shoes they use outside. Members cannot enter the fitness hall wearing wet clothes.
  2. Members must always carry a towel to wipe their sweat when they engage in exercise. Members fatigued by exercise should use their towel while sitting down or leaning against a wall.
  3. Members should not exceed the 20-minute limit when using the treadmills during busy times of day.
  4. Members must use the sports equipment installed in the fitness hall under the guidance and with the supervision of their instructors.
  5. Members must put the weights and equipment they have used back in their original places after they have used them.
  6. Members must leave their sports bags in the locker rooms and not bring them into the fitness hall.

Tennis Court Rules

  1. Members must wear sportswear and tennis shoes to the tennis courts.
  2. Members are not allowed to play tennis barefoot, topless or wearing slippers/loose fitting footwear or bathing suits.
  3. Only members who have booked the tennis court are allowed to use it.
  4. Members are not allowed to sit on, hit, pull, jump over or throw rackets over the net.
  5. Members are not allowed to bring beverages other than water (ie. energy drinks, carbonated beverages, etc.) to the tennis courts.

Indoor Sports Facilities Rules

  1. Members are allowed to attend only those sports activities they have signed up for and only within the pre-determined times.
  2. Members must wear suitable training shoes to the areas where they will engage in exercise. Training shoes must be light, flexible or leather-soled and heelless. Members are not allowed to wear boots, sandals, slippers and shoes which leave black marks on the floors.
  3. Members are not allowed to hang from the basketball hoop, tamper with the load settings of the basketball hoop system, move the basketball hoop system or interfere with the setup of the basketball hoop system.
  4. Members are not allowed to hang from the volleyball net, move the poles or interfere with the setup of the net.
  5. Members are not allowed to kick the volleyballs or basketballs or use them for purposes other than which they are intended.

Step-Aerobic and Pilates Hall Rules

  1. Members are allowed to attend only those group exercises they have signed up for.
  2. Members are not allowed to wear their casual shoes to the halls.
  3. Members must wear sportswear and training shoes to the halls.
  4. Members are allowed to use only the equipment which belongs to the group exercises they have signed up for. The are not allowed to use this equipment without the knowledge of the staff in charge or the instructors.
  5. Members are not allowed to bring their children to training sessions or to request that an instructor let their children wait inside the hall during their sessions.
  6. Members must be in the hall by the start time of the group exercise and leave the hall upon the conclusion of the group exercise.
  7. Group exercise sessions will be carried out under the supervision of instructors. Therefore, members must comply with the directions of the instructors.
  8. Members are not allowed to engage in behavior which may disrupt or disturb other members during their exercise sessions.
  9. Members are obliged to put the equipment they used during their session back in its original place.

Martial Arts Hall Rules

  1. Individuals cannot enter martial arts hall without the prior approval of the instructor in charge.
  2. Members are not allowed to damage the sports halls and the tools and equipment present and installed in the sports halls.
  3. Members are not allowed to eat or drink any foodstuffs or beverages in the sports halls.
  4. Members must wear appropriate clothing to the martial arts training sessions.
  5. Members must come barefoot or wear appropriate shoes to the martial arts halls.
  6. Members are not allowed to wear accessories such as wrist-watches, necklaces, chains etc. to the training sessions.

Sauna and Turkish Bath Rules

  1. Individuals who have healing wounds or suffer from high blood pressure, asthma, high blood sugar, skin and cardiovascular diseases and circulatory disorders are not allowed to use the saunas or the Turkish baths.
  2. Use of saunas or Turkish baths when intoxicated or on a full stomach is strictly forbidden.
  3. For the reasons of health, members younger than 15 years of age are not allowed to use the saunas.
  4. Members are not allowed to use their mobile phones or speak loudly in these areas.
  5. The temperatures inside the saunas have been set between 80 and 85 degrees Celsius by SPOR A.Ş. in compliance with international standards and cannot be altered.
  6. In order to protect the human metabolism from the adverse effects of excessive dehydration: Members are advised to use the saunas for two 15-minute sessions at the most. Members are advised to hydrate themselves both before and after the sessions. They must also take shower between and at the end of sessions.
  7. You may use the lower or upper parts of the sauna benches depending on your degree of resistance to heat. Heat is more intense on the upper benches.
  8. Members who wear spectacles, contact lenses or jewelry must remove them in these areas.
  9. Members are not to wear slippers in the saunas.
  10. Members are obliged to wear appropriate clothes (swimming pool clothes or loincloths) to the sauna.
  11. Member are advised to sit on their towels in the sauna for hygiene reasons.

Locker Rooms and Showers Rules

  1. The lockers installed in the locker-rooms are for daily use only. Members must empty these lockers when they leave the facility. SPOR A.Ş. is authorized to break open lockers which have not been emptied at the end of each day. The personal effects found in the lockers are kept by SPOR A.Ş. for 15 days. If these personal effects are not claimed within 15 days they are donated to charity by SPOR A.Ş.. Forgotten personal effects which are soaked in water or sweat are not preserved and are disposed of immediately.
  2. For the reasons of hygiene and safety, all personal effects (shoes etc.) must be placed inside the lockers. No personal effects may be left lying around.
  3. Members must not keep any of their valuables inside the lockers. These types of valuables should be handed over to the reservation staff for safekeeping.
  4. SPOR A.Ş. cannot be held liable for any mislaid personal effects.
  5. Members are not allowed to use lavatories or showers for the purposes of personal care and grooming. Members are not permitted to shower for more than 3 minutes at a time.