Health& Hygiene Policy


Health Policies Applied to Our Members

  1. We require from our members who would like to come and train at our facilities to submit a medical report that shows their eligibility to be engaged in sports, and certain examinations documenting that they do not carry any risks regarding any contagious diseases,
  2. The medical reports that are brought in on the day the memberships start last for 6 months, and they need to be renewed at the end of this period,
  3. When no pathological condition is detected as a result of the examinations, our members are registered, and their memberships start,
  4. In the face of any medical problems that may be experience during sessions, we have a medical team that can provide immediate treatment,
  5. Our pools are out of service once a week when they are cleaned with a special vacuum system, and a disinfection procedure is performed,
  6. Aside from the daily cleaning in all of our facilities, we also conduct a more detailed general cleaning and disinfection procedure once a week,
  7. Because we care about the health of our members and our employees, we take samples from our pools every month for testing,
  8. Every morning, our experts take the chlorine and ozone measurements of the pools,
  9. Every morning the color, smell and intensity of the pool water is tested, and a special solution that prevents algae and infection is added to the water